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Aug 21 2018

Pinterest -vs- The Closet

The wonderful world of Pinterest is a place for DIYers and dreamers. We see that wonderful pasta dish, that over-the-top birthday cake, that exquisitely decorated event,  and believe with all of our hearts that we can duplicate it. Or we see that beautiful sunset and clear blue water in foreign lands and make it our dream vacation spot.

Pinterest — the land of dreams and inspiration.

*queue the music of heavenly angels*

So I must ask… Does your closet resemble your Pinterest board?

I’m convinced everyone has a fashion board of some magnitude. Male or Female. High Fashion or Fresh Kicks. Everyone has a fashion board. Heck! I have three; Fashion, Accessories, and Shoes. Plus a slew of private boards for quick shopping, and ideas that I share with others.

I am not ashamed of this. You cannot judge me! I will not accept it.


This just helps me organize my inspirations — if that’s what you want to call it. My fashion board, a full spectrum of various styles and pairings that I like shows everything from everyday inspiration to outlandish “Girl, where are you even going?!” attire.

P.S. BTW, I hate to see women pick up something, admire it and then say “Where am I going?” or even “I have no place to wear this”…. Ughhh! It grinds my gears.

Love— Buy the shirt, the dress or those shoes and wear them WHERE EVER YOU WANT! Or as I’m know for saying “Wear it to take out the trash!”. 

I will admit, though my board is a representation of my style it is not a complete representation of my closet. There are a few connections here and there; I mix my sequins with my graphic tees, and I’ve worked on my layering pieces. Now if I could only get my gowns in order I could have some serious resemblance.


I mean who wouldn’t want to walk into a meeting in this?  —  “Hello, I’m here.”


So let’s get serious for a second. Since Fall is around the corner, and we are typically looking for a new wardrobe or ways to revamp last years wardrobe. Let’s put Pinterest and its main focus to use! Create a Fall/Winter board. Share it with me. I would love to see your style.  Carefully curate your board for the upcoming season. Take into consideration your everyday life, body type, and versatility of the pieces. Then go into your closet and purge everything that does not fit into this new look. Keep things you know you can revamp, and make it work for you. Then shop accordingly.

Show me the end result!


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