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Apr 10 2018

In A World of Creatives…

They say you are the company you keep…


I am a creative, and I find myself in a world of creatives.


I was in a deep thought the other day and suddenly realized that my life is filled with creatives. From graphic gurus, to producers, to bakers, to candlestick makers. No really, I know someone in my circle has made a candle or two. Though some of these people might not use their creativity as often as others in my life, finding someone in my life that is not creative is like a Highlights Find It puzzle. But this also makes me wonder how did this come to be. Is it the laws of attraction? By design? Or luck of the draw? — sub thought; are we all actually creatives?


I do not seek to find the answers to these questions. I’m content with knowing the world I live in as is. It’s wonderful to sit back at times and watch creatives talk, teach, and bounce ideas off of each other. You yourself might have some input, but instead you say nothing and become a student. Somewhere in their conversation is a lesson, a future conversation, or an idea. Many times I’ve found myself in this space. Forever a student, and not necessarily of my own craft. I think the mindset of a creative is open to learning anything that gives them freedom of expression. It’s our existence; to create. No matter the medium.


In this world you find yourself consistently talking about your various creative spaces. We bounce ideas off of one another. Help one elevate their idea or craft. Network. At times we might even show the other person something in a new light. We basically keep each other on our toes.


But sometimes even a creative mind needs to rest. Right?


Every creative I know just collectively laughed. The reality of that last statement is that resting a creative mind is very hard pressed.  Practically impossible. Life is consistent inspiration. The car horns blaring is a new song. The color on a bird is a new painting. The texture of a cobblestone sidewalk is a new sculpture. The joy on a child’s face is a new photograph. The watercolors of a sunset is a new dress. Life is inspiration. Turning off a creatives mind is impossible.


This is why we connect. Our minds are electric currents. When two (or more) connect there is a spark.


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