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Feb 02 2018

[Etc.] … the Grammy’s

So this is my experience…

It’s the end of November, and Grammy nominations are announced. Your client, Rapsody has just been nominated for 2 Grammys…

After the excitement dies down, what do you do? You go into full stylist mode; the look, the inspiration, studying, reference points, designer emails, request, and research. You now have 2 months to pull this off. Oh no, wait! She’s on tour for the month of December. 2 months 1 month to pull this off.


Note 1: The Grammy’s were early this year due to the Winter Olympics.

Note 2: Designer pulls for Award season typically starts in October.

By December you are extremely behind the curve. So you text Rapsody daily in between cities and performances. Once you’ve settled on a look you begin to find designer. Okay so by this point we are down to a few weeks because what?! Its the New YEAR! Yup, game time. We set for New York to meet with one of the owners of Musika Frere. Now somewhere along this path my lovely friend, informs me that she need looks for a few more appearances. Umm.. okay cool. How many? 3 to 5 she says — Ha! What??

Internal Conversation

“You got this E! You were made for this. Gather yourself and run with it”

So not only do we have the Grammy’s to get ready for but the entire week! Back to the drawing board. I needed inspiration for every look. What are we trying to invoke? How does she want to look? Can she move in this? These are all the questions that went through my mind. Luckily, Rapsody loves key pieces. What use to be her hats, has now moved to jackets. Find a dope jacket, she’s all in. While we were in NYC we made use of our time. Between goofing off in a snowstorm (who gonna stop us?) we came across this striped raincoat in Zara that I knew was perfect for her Essence: Black Women in Music performance that was honoring Missy Elliott. While in New York just scrolling through Instagram I came across this incredible brand called Ladies Nation. It set the tone for the entire event, perfect for the red carpet. On a short trip to Washington D.C. we stopped in the massive shopping arena known as Pentagon City. Where we found her houndstooth sweatshirt by the British clothing line Represent as well as her lovely oversized reversible shearling parka from COACH.

Dope jacket 1, 2 & 3. Half of the battle is done.

Now I’m one that loves the little details. Whether they make a big punch or a small nod. They make a difference to me. This week I added little touches in about every look; from changing the laces in her shoes to customizing her raincoat. But most importantly to me was her lapel pin. I reached out to The DapperDude Collection for a custom piece. As a creative I like to let other creatives do their thing. The only inspiration provided was her album cover. Though she is my client, we are sisters and friends so I just wanted to give Rapsody my personal version of her “flowers”. My personal nod and acknowledgement of not only her grandmother but her accomplishment.

The big day is tomorrow…. the final fitting needs to happen. Schedule conflicts. Alterations are needed. It’s now after hours [though this is not typical, it does happen]. At this point I’m quietly freaking out, but I make a few calls and reach out to a few friends. A few hours later all is right with the world. Go to sleep Erica.

It’s Grammy Day!!! What do I do? —Get up and hit the streets. Lol. One to clear my head. Two to find one last final touch. I had been running all week, looking for this and that, making sure that Rapsody was good. We are at the culmination of this entire trip, this job, this adventure. Taking a moment to myself was not only well deserved but much needed. By the time I got back it was time to steam, press, and get the squad dressed.


This past week, is one I wouldn’t have changed for anything. The journey was incredible. Time to gear up for the next one ♥♥

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  • I’m excited that you made a journal of this experience. It won’t be the last, but this was a blast to witness!

    February 3, 2018 at 2:36 am
  • Tia Watlington

    What an incredible adventure and experience! Great work and outstanding outcome! We are all so super proud of you!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾💕.
    P.S. I read this in your voice and giggled the whole time 😊

    February 6, 2018 at 1:58 pm

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